By Outdoorswomen, For Outdoorswomen.

A community where women can share their experiences outside, find advice, and support other female-identifying hikers, climbers, mountaineers, divers, and adventurers.

Discover stories of female-fueled adventure you can relate to.

Anyone is invited to share ideas and interact with the community on our public social media pages using #BeTheVoyage. Use the hashtag to let us know about your outdoor-related blog posts so we can share them with the world! If you are a woman who has a blog about your outdoor adventures, you may request to join our private Facebook group for bloggers (please be sure to read the criteria and rules in the “About” section prior to your request).

This community is designed to incorporate the ideas of it’s members, and thus will grow and change with them….as will this website (coming soon). As we meet women blogging the wild via our social channels, we will share their perspectives with you and build this blank slate into a platform together.

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